“We recently had Jeffry do a presentation at our hospital on cutting edge stress management.  His PowerPoint presentation was very dynamic and thought-provoking. He taught us new techniques that have proven to be very effective for many of the participants.  Jeffry’s new ideas and also his physiological explanation of stress were great because the topic of stress has been covered in many classes, but often it is the ‘same old stuff.’  His delivery is organized, quick, and filled with witty comments which had many of us walk away with a positive feeling and a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Paulette Swanson, RN, BANCo-Coordinator of Integrative Healthcare Service, Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater

“Jeffry’s entertaining, insightful analysis of the issues young men face had a great impact on the men and women in my classes.  His presentations sparked much thoughtful discussion and a re-framing of the roles men play in today’s society.  His perspective gives a window into the many dilemmas of modern manhood with advice and effective coping strategies to deal with these problems.  I would enthusiastically recommend him as a speaker!”

Judy McCleeryEducator

“Jeffry made a three hour presentation to my Continuing Education graduate class at St. Thomas called ‘Gender Differences in Learning.’  The presentation (with questions and discussions) was about brain and hormonal differences between males and females, and possible effects on learning.  Jeffry did an excellent job of presenting material and encouraging student participation.  The thirteen students in the class (teachers and social workers) enjoyed the presentation and said they learned a great deal from it.”

Dr. Michael ObsatzRetired Associate Professor of Sociology, Macalester College; Author; Playwright

“Psychotherapy often involves helping clients peel back layers of their life journeys. Jeffry’s ideas about identifying and positively transforming unconsciously held core negative beliefs have a powerful complementarity with this process. Following initial resistance to the experiential aspects of the workshop, I found the exercises to be personally and professionally rich and meaningful.  I tapped into these new tools immediately in my subsequent work with clients.”

Mark LaChapelle, MSW, LICSW, LMFT, BCDPsychotherapist