“These seminars were very well thought out. They opened my mind to embrace other ideas and perspectives from the group.”


“I felt safe and I liked the meditation time. I was able to really get into my head and body. I learned about a lot of tools from Jeffry that I can use for honoring myself. I always left wanting more, the time flew by each time we met.”

JeannieFormer Client

“You had connection, confidence, passion, and engagement!  Others around me said the same — that you are an excellent speaker.  The concepts are excellent.  Listening motivated me greatly.  Clear handouts of initial info – defined, not just listed.  Lovely protocol.  Excellent speaker, clear, animated, focused, confident, soothing voice, time for questions, brought energy to us and the room.  I now feel like I am the Dalai Lama.”

Robin Shapiro, MSW, LICSWEMDR Therapist and Author

“I am writing this letter regarding our experience with Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark as a leader for a workshop for our therapeutic staff on Integrative Psychotherapy.  Jeffry presented himself as a knowledgeable and adept professional at presenting information in an interesting and useful way.  His approach was inviting and helpful, both for those who had little knowledge of the topic and for those who were more familiar with the ideas.  Jeffry offered opportunity for active involvement in the learning and provided an opportunity to practice a skill being taught.  Staff people found this approach particularly useful.  His thoughtful presentation was helpful in creating a foundation for further inquiry into a variety of methodology and created interest in the potential impact of an integrative style in a more rapid and deeper impact on the client.  I highly recommend Jeffry’s work.  He demonstrated himself to be well versed and practiced in his topic.  His passion for the Integrative Psycho-therapeutic model was evident and helped create an environment of open questioning and honest reflection.”

Paula Becker, MA, LPPresident, Burnsville Counseling Center

“I needed CEU’s and thought this would be an okay way to get them.  I did not anticipate that I would walk away from this workshop feeling as empowered and excited as I do!  What a fabulous workshop.  The content on adult mature Self-supporting the regressed Self, was awesome, and I especially liked the artful melding of EMDR with imagery and other techniques you used in the demos.  Great humor, with practical content and easy to use skills…a joy to be there.  I am looking forward to your April training!”

Dodi Thorman, MA, LICSWPsychotherapist

“Prior to this workshop, I thought that the content on core beliefs and integrative psychotherapy was going to be dry and theoretical.   Was I ever wrong!  This workshop was inspiring, powerful, and helped me see that I have many creative juices that have yet to flow in my clinical work. Jeffry presented masterfully with a unique blend of excellent dyad and demo work, engaging concepts, and artful presentation.  I will be at the April training.”

Kerry Speed, MA, LADCFormer Psychotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor

“Jeffry’s talk on Thriving During COVID really brought out the true Adlerian principles of empathy, support and social interest; for those of us who attended.  Jeffry was vibrant, engaged and an energized presenter.  So many wonderful and useful handouts, and tools that seamlessly made us all part of the conversation. The time just flew by. Absolutely delightful and worthwhile.”

Suzanne M. Kramer, MS, LPCPsychotherapist, Private Practice

“Jeffry’s very practical and informative workshop on reducing and transforming stress was an excellent addition to this year’s community mental health conference. He presented very usable and practical exercises that his online audience could practice immediately in real time. His very descriptive handout specifying causes of stress was very apropos in these difficult times. The fact that current research indicates ‘that if we perceive the situation as an opportunity, that we can move from distress to eustress’ was a very heartening message to all in attendance.”

Harry Greenberg, MA, LICSWPsychotherapist

I was interested in the therapeutic techniques he was presenting to relieve general stress.  But I was also interested to get specific techniques to help me perform that day during a very physically daunting lifeguarding test.  I was very pleased because he taught us how to visualize certain success through a simple self-hypnosis process that took 5-7 minutes. After taking myself through the process and seeing my best outcome, I went to the exam much less nervous and am very pleased to say I performed really well and passed all the physical and swimming tests.  I would highly recommend attending a workshop presented by Jeffry to help reduce stress and to find better performance through his excellent teaching of self-hypnosis.”

Jane Greenberg, MA, LSCCoordinator, Minneapolis Community Education

“Attending Jeffry’s workshop on stress and burnout provided me with immediate tools I could use for negotiating.  He clearly defined methods to deal with the stress that comes from certain triggers in our world. Whether it’s dealing with a stressful deadline, a difficult person, a complex work situation or simply feeling like you’re constantly carrying a heavy workload, Jeffry teaches how to step back, assess a situation, control your own response, and lower your own stress.  The skills he taught in just a single workshop enabled me to change my approach while negotiating with a very difficult person. Well worth the time!!”

CynthiaProgram Administrator