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Authentic Manhood Programs with Jeffry

What is Authentic Manhood?


Authentic manhood means a man lives his capacity for being real and truly himself. He sees and celebrates himself, life, the world, and others as unique, whole, and as a gift.  He lives in an intentionally sincere way, and his actions align with his words when describing himself as a person and as a mature man

The Authentic Manhood Program is:


  • An integrative male-oriented initiative on issues of authentic manhood
  • A path for each man to grow his mature self more purposefully and holistically
  • A contemporary male initiation experience toward responsible manhood
  • A vehicle to support men in creating relational integrity in their lives

Many of us men have received and still perpetuate traditional and stereotypical male behaviors based on rigid gender expectations, norms, and values. These restrictive beliefs, expectations, and actions fuel and exacerbate profound injustices, inequalities, and suffering for ourselves and others. To an important extent, these issues arise and persist because men have lost their abiding connection with their authenticity, which naturally flows, in part, from their deep and integrated masculine self. Together, with specific and attentive social supports, we can and must create a more generative and sustainable way for all men to authentically thrive with others.

Therapy with Men in the Twin Cities

Show up, bro up, grow up.

Intended Audience:

AMP events are intended to serve men who are at least 20 years old and who are coming from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. They may have attended men’s events in the past. In general, these men are fringe thinkers and cultural creatives who want more from life than what a typical / traditional / stereotypical adult male life offers. They want to make this world a better place and be active stewards to help bring it about. They have insight into some of their own unconscious shadow material as well as their psychological wounds and unique gifts.


These men have done forms of inner work like psychotherapy, dream work, journaling, self–exploration. Most of these men have been in men’s groups before, (or at least tried them for a while). Many of them have been to sweat lodges, group meditations, drum gatherings, or some insight-based growth work. These men are typically willing to bend rules to find something worth experiencing, and thus, worth providing for others. Additionally, these men probably meditate, attend churches; communities of worship; spiritual groups, or are seekers of spirit connection in some ways.

Who Should Attend AMP Events? 

These events are created primarily for men who desire to live more authentically, more wholeheartedly, and who chose a life that feels more mature, genuine, joyous, and connected. Men like this want to grow, evolve, and have sterling relationships with people of many ages.  Men like this want to experience a sense of meaning that might translate into a legacy after they die.  Men of this quality of character are willing to invest in inner and outer efforts that bring transformation, healing, and more wholeness for self, for loved ones, and for others in general.

What Is in It for Those Who Attend?

When you attend, befriend, and practice the teachings offered in AMP events, you will find that your life becomes easier, more enjoyable, and that relationships feel more enriched & engaged.  You will also experience a resonant sense of validation that your purpose for life feels accurate.  Because of this, deeper personal meaning for life feels more vibrant. This is not to say that life’s challenges will go away, or that they will be necessarily easier.  Like a seasoned, skilled, and confident warrior facing an opponent, you will notice that you have more clarity, decisiveness, courage, and tenacity to stand up to greater challenges because of your AMP work.

The following four examples of potentially profound take-aways for those attending AMP programs come from content of the teaching categories within the AMP curriculum:

  1. Deeper insights into one’s own authentic self. 

    • How you define words / concepts like: “being a man”, “wholeness”, “authentic masculinity” and being a “whole man” is essential to your sense of gender identity, your personal identity, and how you live in the world; three primary levels of consciousness.
    • Bringing together your male energy, wisdom, and action with openness to all of life.
    • Continuously cultivating and celebrating personal gifts from your life.


  1. Enhanced capacity to have emotional awareness and its clear, precise, and effective expression 24/7.

    • Engaging others from a place of internal emotional maturity, psychological presence, and groundedness – even in times of real upset, pain or conflict.
    • Taking full responsibility for your own neuro-emotionality, and mental states while attempting to meet your needs, and your unconscious dynamic thinking, and any habits that may interfere with healthy relationships of all kinds (partnership, parenthood, friends, etc.).
    • Growing your ability for generating lasting connection with your wholeness, and capacity for loving, connection, and vulnerability.
    • Deepen your awareness, language of, and expression / healing of psychological or emotional turmoil that interferes in relationship with self, others, or with the world, mount the quest for the deep wound, and the core self.


  1. More fluid and masterful ability to connect with spirit and to live closer to one’s soul

    • A working definition of the word “Spirit.” The value of connecting to Spirit.
    • The Guru Archetype; (The narcissist / tyrant VS Spiritual connection.)
    • Men’s hidden spirituality archetypes; one’s own family lineage.
    • Intentionally creating, or refining one’s spiritual practices, or one’s vision for connection with Spirit; dealing with blocks to one’s practice; elements related to the #MeToo era; what whole thriving looks like in this component category.


  1. Greater skills in expanding one’s level of consciousness while becoming more active leaders of personal and social solutions for others.

    • Practicing the skills of greater awareness
    • Connecting to the silence, the flame, and the wisdom at the center of one’s heart
    • Creating a personal valued-based commitment to making a difference in community

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