“I advocate that, with ourselves and with others, we must be aware, accountable, and ever courageous about examining blockages to transformation, and about taking bold steps to living a life with deeper authenticity.”

— Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA, LICSW

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About Me

A senior level social worker, holistic psychotherapist, and educator with more than 30 years of local and national experience in the fields of wellness, healing, stress management, and program development, I have taught and lectured throughout the Upper Midwest, including at the University of Minnesota, Lakeview Hospital, IBM, Cargill, and The William Mitchell College of Law.

In 2004, I founded the Center for Integrated Well-Being, Inc. (CIWB), a holistic psychotherapy practice. Through best practices and strategies in mental healthcare, I have developed skill sets centered on approaches supporting mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  With these approaches, I artfully craft holistic, therapeutic interventions to assist you in meeting your goals while honoring your strengths, fostering insights, and educating you with enduring perspectives and skills.

Through CIWB, I also facilitate men’s groups, run retreats, and provide supervision, consultations, and lead trainings for mental health professionals on the artful use of integrative psychotherapy, which is my signature work in mental healthcare.  My current focus is on supporting male clients in holistically thriving across all areas of life.

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My Philosophy

I am a competent, caring and compassionate professional; a male Doula for transformation.  I am a mentor and a coach for the mind, body, heart, and spirit’s healing and growth; a soul coach for intrepid co-journeyers who are committed to living courageously, deeply, effectively, and authentically.

I advocate that, with ourselves and with others, we must be aware, accountable, and ever courageous about examining blockages to transformation, and about taking bold steps to living a life with deeper authenticity. By removing blockages, embracing and building excellent skills, and using them effectively, we move closer to the state of integrated balance that is our natural birthright as humans.

I coach you to live into your authentic self and become the transformation the world needs.

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More About Jeffry

I grew up in Minnesota within a family that primarily pushed academics and intellectual perspectives.  As a very cross-eyed and obese child, I was targeted, humiliated, and bullied for years (and the thick black glasses did not help either).

My father, a professor, supported my mother who had kidney disease from my birth, every 12 hours she had to go to the hospital for dialysis treatment. On February 14th, 1973, my mother died when I was 11.  I did not deal with that grief and loss until I was 28, I know about protracted grief and mourning.

I intimately know about poor body perception and giving yourself away for love, while also protecting your heart out of fear of more loss. I learned to engage others so as not to be rejected. 

Through a severe addiction to exercise, I learned to harden my body so that the heart doors could not let in vulnerable love connections, and that my esteem might grow.

Because of people with narcissism, I have suffered with being marginalized, disregarded, and scapegoated by those I called “family.”

I have been searching for what rests at the heart of authentic living, along with self-confidence, and the sense of acceptance and connection with spirit. My longing for connection, self-care, self-love, and real shared co-independence has led me to immerse myself in the teachings of numerous psychological, philosophical, and spiritual texts / paths. 

Over the years, the collective wisdom distilled from multiple cultures has illuminated my path, opened the door of my heart, supported faithful connection with self and others, and provided a soulfully aligned purpose that nourishes my practice as a healer / teacher. These gifts have helped me soar like the Phoenix bird… arising from the ashes of angst into a vibrant new type of thriving.

Gratefully, I have had an amazing life…

  • I have lived abroad
  • I am fluent in three languages
  • At age 16, I was the Best Man at my father’s second wedding
  • I was a fitness trainer with professional athletes and a college women’s gymnastics coach
  • I have been a Physical Therapy Aid working with inmates in two local minimum and medium security prisons
  • At age 28 I created, organized, and led a small public memorial service to complete my grief about my mother’s death – held in the same room as her funeral many years prior
  • I have been an admin employee of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles alongside my grandmother, the 1932 Olympic Lead Secretary
  • I have been an assistant professor twice at Concordia University in St. Paul (teaching Racial and Ethnic Minorities Class, and Adolescent Psychology)
  • I have been a published author several times over
  • I am a successful business owner
  • I have been an ECFE Instructor for At-Home Dads
  • I have been a keynote presenter and have testified at the Minnesota State Senate on fatherhood
  • I delivered my first son at Woodwinds hospital
  • In February 2019 in St. Paul, Minnesota, I testified at the Minnesota Senate to the Family Care and Aging Committee about equal parenting time for fathers.
  • I have been a celebrated and professional photographer (including a piece for a show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art), an initiated and ordained shamanic priest, an initiate of Kriya Yoga, a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and many other things along my life path
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