Supporting people in living their authentic selves.

You deserve a thriving life and the magnificence it radiates.

Individuals and Couples

Guiding clients in positive transformation.

Jeffry supports individuals and couples who are struggling with life’s emotional upsets, psychological roadblocks, or relational sticking points through practical, usable, effective best practices in mental healthcare and trauma resolution so they can be healed and feel connected and whole.


Authentic Manhood Programs by Jeffry

Men of Conscience

Making good men legendary.

AMP guides men who feel isolated, angst-ridden, or discontented through enriching gatherings, usable life practices, and skills so they can authentically and meaningfully thrive as inspired leaders of personal and social solutions for themselves and for others.


Human Services Organizations

Sharpening the clinician’s sword.

Jeffry educates growth-oriented professionals from mental health and social service organizations demanded upon to bring their A-game to their work with clients.  Through effective workshops and trainings, he provides targeted skills and perspectives so staff can thrive in deeper satisfaction, meaning, and enhanced client outcomes.


CAMPFIRE, housed under Authentic Manhood Programs and launched in May 2023, is our semi-monthly echeck-in for and about men and those who care about them.