“Deep takeaways from this retreat: My blunder is my friend. Journey of authenticity – what must die in me? Death and resurrection/paschal mystery theme. Nice mix of movie, questions, background, sharing, ritual, and self-reflection. Thanks to you, Jeffry.”


“In the Avatar movie, Jake’s courage led to rebirth, and it was life-giving. It reminded me of my own self-care and inner work to have the courage to do the right thing and stand up and speak up. I must have the courage to speak up. I thought about Jeffry’s word, ‘Sacrifice’ and I need to find the healthy sacrifice in my own inner world, it is worth fighting for.”


“Discovering my Avatar was a new experience for me. I’m not sure yet how to use my Avatar. Making a sacrifice (at the sacred altar) so that I may grow was fantastic for me. Using the language of soul (image) to articulate my sacrifice and reconnection with self, spirit, others, creation….Super!”


“Having the focus on the teachings found in the movie Avatar was intriguing. The weekend container and discussions were easy to follow and be part of. Excellent connection and facilitation! Deeply grateful. Great weekend! Thank you!!!”


“I have a greater awareness of the hero’s journey through watching the Avatar movie. I appreciated Jeffry’s teachings, discussion, council circles and conversations with many loving men.”


“I am a spiritual healing minister who has been in active healing practice for over half a century. I have met literally hundreds of healers and mental health care providers all over the world. Of all these people whom I have met, Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark clearly stands out as one of the finest Psychotherapists and healing guides I have ever known.

Jeffry displays the personal attributes of character that are necessary to assist clients in achieving several types of transformation. The most important qualities that he offers those clients who seek to achieve the grace of divine transformative empowerment are as follows:  1) Compassion and long-suffering   2) Tolerance and patience  3) Empathy and loving kindness  4) Unconditional love  5) Humility and selflessness  6) Positive, proactive attitude  7) Non-judgmental  8) Purity of motivation  9) Virtuous intention  10) Willingness to live in spiritual alignment  11) Willingness to submit to Divine direction  12) The desire to be consciously expansive  13) Zeal to contribute to the work of cosmic transformation  14) Maintaining a self-disciplined grace of altruism.”

Bill TorvundMetaphysician, Former Bishop in the Catholic Tradition, Author, Lecturer, Composer, and Spiritual Teacher

“The men’s group was very enriching. I have grown from it immensely in sub-conscious awareness, which feels like a new found spiritual practice; it is mind-blowing.”


“I had a great time and appreciated everything I did at this men’s retreat.  I think my gift, my lesson, my opportunity was the chance to be seen and respected as the man I’ve become in the eyes of other men.”


“You highlighted a common sense perspective that captured life’s true wisdom and truths.  I find myself regularly reflecting on the different archetypes you mentioned and holding myself accountable to the one I need to be aligning with each day.  If you want to thrive in life, Jeffry’s work will keep you on track.”


“New ideas, but easily put into practice. Imagery and hypnosis will be a great help to me professionally and personally. Very well organized and offered methods I hadn’t heard before. Excellent presentation! Wish this had been a three-hour workshop. Great speaker, very knowledgeable, easy to follow.”

LisaSenior Staff, Century College