Thriving During Pandemics Level II: Skill Mastery for Post-Traumatic Growth


Workshop Description:

As the next step in personal growth during this pandemic, join us in harnessing deeper capacities for managing stress, and feeling more enlivened.  This powerful training is a follow up to the workshop: ” Thriving During Pandemics: Transforming Distress, Loneliness, & Panic into Post Traumatic Growth Opportunities.” In this next Level II hands-on training, you will hone your skills related to the following: 


  • Greater ability to self-calm
  • Improved capacity toward trauma clearing
  • Enhanced self-regulation of your neurological centers
  • Increased competency in the use of mindfulness to feel peace 
  • Utilize effective tools such as bilateral stimulation, vagal nerve activation, and hypnosis to feel greater control and mastery over life events!


Time Frame:  This workshop can be taught in 1.5 – 2 hours.

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