Thriving During Pandemics Level I: Transforming Distress, Loneliness, & Panic into Post-Traumatic Growth Opportunities


Workshop Description:

Due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it seems that many of us are experiencing an unconsciously significant level of distress, grief, and trauma in response to issues like disruptions to our normal lifestyle.  Additionally, many of us have compressing feelings of loneliness and loss. This presentation is designed to effectively teach awareness of, and skills to prevent / manage distress, loneliness, trauma, as well as grief and fear related to the current Pandemic.  Participants will leave this workshop ready to use new skills to effectively respond to stressful day-to-day challenges, and crises.



Learning Objectives for Participants:


  1. Distinguish the difference between healthy stress and distress.


  1. Identify the difference between personal stress, external stress, and existential stress.


  1. Explore the different symptoms of distress, fear / panic, trauma, and loneliness.


  1. Recognize one’s own challenges & causes of distress, and to what extent they affect one’s health, family life, work life, etc.


  1. Develop an awareness of one’s own physiological distress signals, and related reactions when feeling trauma triggers, lonely, fearful, or panicky.


  1. Develop the awareness and skills needed to effectively recover from trauma triggering, loss / grief, and feelings of loneliness.


  1. Learn sound, effective, and practical techniques that prevent feelings of overwhelm and distress; support mental health; cultivate thriving and growth during life-threatening times


Time Frame:  This workshop can be taught in 2 hours.

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