Next Gen Men: Re-Envisioning Authentic Masculinity Across the Lifespan


Workshop Description:

These days, we are bombarded by countless images of immature manhood — men who are thoughtless, controlling, sexually inappropriate, hostile, violent, or painfully neglectful in their relationships. Much of these behaviors by men start in their boyhood.  We as clinicians know that boys are deeply impacted by families, socialization, media, and culture.  Boys still need much clinical assistance from us…just take a look at the latest books on the topic: “Better Boys, Better Men,” “Boys Adrift,” “The Boy Crisis,” “Boys and Sex,” “Decoding Boys,” “Raising Men.” It seems true that many males of all ages are significantly struggling.  How can we help change that?


This workshop supports clinicians to better navigate masculinity issues in their work with clients, care providers, parents, etc. Through instruction, case review, vignettes, and examples of emerging practices, participants will learn powerful solutions for males who display immature masculinity.  An integrative approach will be used to demonstrate physical, emotional, social, sexual, soulful, and spiritual dimensions of holistic manhood.  A rare, and lengthy list of expert resources will be provided.



Learning Objectives for Participants:


  1. Define mature masculine authenticity.
  2. Master the use of four effective practices for teaching the topic of maturity to boys and to men.
  3. Identify the value of authentic men as role models for children and youth.
  4. Explore topics that authentic men sustainably utilize: i.e., creating a support network, self-care, peace-oriented living, respect for self and others, and calling for justice.
  5. Learn some of the contributing factors that help explain how family expectations, gender stereotypes, socialization, media, and culture often contribute to inauthentic masculinity.


Time Frame:  This workshop can be taught in 2.5 hours.

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