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Integrative Psychotherapy: The Art of Human Interaction


Workshop Description:


This workshop defines “Integrative Psychotherapy” and gives participants academic,  personal, and practical understanding of various healing approaches found in the fields of Energy Psychology, breath work, body-centered approaches, and imagery / hypnosis as they are applied to best practices of mental health treatment.


Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Conceptualize what IP “Integrative Psychotherapy” is, and how it can be incorporated into mental health treatment, and be able to share this understanding with others.
  2. List four essential factors for determining if using IP is an appropriate fit for clients
  3. Cite five clinical advantages to applying IP with clients.
  4. Identify four examples of how IP can be used in a general psychotherapy practice with clients of all ages and capacities.
  5. Demonstrate working proficiency in using at least three applications of IP.
Time Frame: This workshop is designed as a half-day experiential training.  A full day of experiential IP training is also available.

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