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Helping Clients with Unconsciously-Held Negative Core Beliefs Through Integrative Psychotherapy (IP)


Workshop Description:


Like it or not, unconsciously–held negative core beliefs are at the base of many decisions we make…and actions we take.  Psychotherapy and personal change practices are often sabotaged, undermined, and unsuccessful because we play out the negative core beliefs without conscious awareness.  Consciously identifying these core beliefs, and taking action in new directions is central to lasting therapeutic change.  Integrative Psychotherapy (IP), is a creative and powerful clinical approach to consciously address and change negative core beliefs. 

In this workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to understand how utilizing IP practices apply to theories of unconsciously–held negative core beliefs during clinical work.  Case material will be used to support concepts presented, and considerations will be discussed regarding if, when, and how to introduce this work to clients.


Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Be able to define what constitutes unconsciously-held negative core beliefs, and how these impact psychotherapy.
  2. Both, understand what IP is, and how it can be successfully incorporated into clinical work.  
  3. Learn the factors for determining if IP is a good fit with clients, and cite five clinical advantages of applying it with clients.
  4. Identify four examples of how core belief work and IP can be used in ageneral psychotherapy practice with clients of all ages and capacities.
Time Frame: This workshop can be taught comfortably in 6 hours.

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