Level II: Emerging Best Skills In Working With Men In Psychotherapy


Workshop Description:

Building on the concepts from the workshop entitled: Level I: Emerging Best Psychotherapy Practices In Working with Men” this Level II workshop brings a focused hands-on approach to the attendees.  Along with group conversation, role practicing, and guided applications of workshop materials, attendees will gain mastery of strategic treatment interventions through dyad practice.


Learning Objectives for Participants:


  1. Demonstrate how to contract with clients to do deeper psychoemotional work that addresses truamas, addictive patterns, prevalent unconscious dynamics, and family of origin wounding related to presenting challenges.


  1. Utilize ways to leverage the “Inner Mature Adult Self,” and form effective connection with the regressed inner children to heal negative core beliefs, self-sabotaging, and (both small t, & big T traumas.)


  1. Understand how to better address and manage one’s own projections, counter transference, triggers, and gendered biases / blind spots with male clients.


  1. Learn to use story, metaphor, myth / ritual, and body-centered techniques to support therapy outcomes.


  1. Explain how to assist clients to communicate more accurately and responsibly using the following:
    • The essential 35 personal qualities within vital relationships
    • The key elements that tarnish, erode, or destroy relationships
    • Personal use / abuse of relational rank, power, and priviledge
    • Vulnerability and intimacy as the foundation of good relating
    • The basics of NVC (nonviolent communication)


Time Frame:  This workshop can be taught in 6 hours.

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