Clinical Applications and Training in Advanced Imagery Resource Development & Installation (AIRDI)


Workshop Description:


This new strategy (AIRDI), assists clients to strengthen their ego, as well as enhance a sense of deeper connection with whatever qualities they wish, i.e., feeling more loving, or peaceful, or grounded, or powerful, or confident, etc.  The AIRDI protocol borrows from the work of the following therapeutic approaches: bilateral stimulation; RDI (“Resource Development and Installation” from EMDR work); guided imagery, hypnosis elements (including hypnotic language); use of metaphor; ideomotor signaling; and mental rehearsal. 

This workshop addresses the following: theoretical, practical, and experiential skill building of AIRDI.  Participants learn to discuss, prep, and use AIRDI for strengthening ego with clients as a possible segue to doing deep work or trauma healing.  Participants will learn to use AIRDI with clients who need ego-strengthening, and those who want to access their new resource state at any time and place.  Case material will be used to support concepts presented, and considerations will be discussed regarding if, when, and how to introduce this work to clients. After the workshop, participants will be able to immediately apply the AIRDI model with clients.


Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Explain how resourcing (and thus AIRDI ) can be useful for ego-strengthening.
  2. Name nine different categories of resources that clients can use to enhance ego states.
  3. Recognize and name the four major theoretical underpinnings of resourcing as they apply to the AIRDI protocol.
  4. Describe how to discuss and prep the AIRDI protocol for therapeutic use with clients. 
  5. Learn how to implement the AIRDI protocol in its entirety during clinical sessions.
  6. Identify clients in your practice who are particularly well suited to benefit from the AIRDI protocol.
Time Frame: This workshop can be taught comfortably in 3.5 hours.

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