Attending Jeffry’s workshop on stress and burnout provided me with immediate tools I could use for negotiating.  He clearly defined methods to deal with the stress that comes from certain triggers in our world. Whether it’s dealing with a stressful deadline, a difficult person, a complex work situation or simply feeling like you’re constantly carrying a heavy workload, Jeffry teaches how to step back, assess a situation, control your own response, and lower your own stress.  The skills he taught in just a single workshop enabled me to change my approach while negotiating with a very difficult person. Well worth the time!!

Cynthia, Program Administrator

Jeffry, I really liked that you made the workshop more personal by asking each of us about our stressors.  Your feedback and suggestions related to my stress challenges was very helpful.  Walking through each stress management skill was excellent, there is nothing like having practice with adjustments from the instructor immediately.  Your handout has great info, and will be helpful when I practice the skills at home and work, well done!  This is the last stress management program I will ever need.


I really appreciated the stress assessment form which you had has us fill out at the start of the workshop.  It taught me to see how many areas of my life are significantly stressful, and what patterns exist in how my stress shows itself.  Also, your well-organized overview of the varieties of types of stress management strategies was great.  It was very helpful to experience these different strategies during the training.