“New ideas, but easily put into practice. Imagery and hypnosis will be a great help to me professionally and personally. Very well organized and offered methods I hadn’t heard before. Excellent presentation! Wish this had been a three-hour workshop. Great speaker, very knowledgeable, easy to follow.”

LisaSenior Staff, Century College

I was interested in the therapeutic techniques he was presenting to relieve general stress.  But I was also interested to get specific techniques to help me perform that day during a very physically daunting lifeguarding test.  I was very pleased because he taught us how to visualize certain success through a simple self-hypnosis process that took 5-7 minutes. After taking myself through the process and seeing my best outcome, I went to the exam much less nervous and am very pleased to say I performed really well and passed all the physical and swimming tests.  I would highly recommend attending a workshop presented by Jeffry to help reduce stress and to find better performance through his excellent teaching of self-hypnosis.”

Jane Greenberg, MA, LSCCoordinator, Minneapolis Community Education