I am writing this letter regarding our experience with Jeffry Jeanetta –Wark as a leader for a workshop for our therapeutic staff on Integrative Psychotherapy.  


Jeffry presented himself as a knowledgeable and adept professional at presenting information in an interesting and useful way.  His approach was inviting and helpful, both for those who had little knowledge of the topic and for those who were more familiar with the ideas.


Jeffry offered opportunity for active involvement in the learning and provided an opportunity to practice a skill being taught.  Staff people found this approach particularly useful.  His thoughtful presentation was helpful in creating a foundation for further inquiry into a variety of methodology and created interest in the potential impact of an integrative style in a more rapid and deeper impact on the client.


I highly recommend Jeffry’s work.  He demonstrated himself to be well versed and practiced in his topic.  His passion for the Integrative Psycho-therapeutic model was evident and helped create an environment of open questioning and honest reflection.

Paula Becker, MA. LPPresident, Burnsville Counseling Center

I appreciated Jeffry’s extensive knowledge on the subject, as well as his passion in talking about best practices when working with men. I feel I learned some valuable concepts and have a better understanding as a woman working predominantly with men in my line of work.

Licensed Graduate Social Worker

I found the workshop very beneficial for considering the specifics of working with male clients from neuroscience to moving beyond two emotions to a symphony of emotions. I especially found the neuroscience of men extremely illuminating in understanding male clients better. There was so much richness and depth in the content that I’m grateful for the handouts to refer to as needed.

Jessica Metzger, MA, LMFT, ATR-BCGailYostandAssociates.com

There is no way to describe how important the work is that Jeffry is doing around working with men. We need to have a national conversation about the lost-ness of our male people in this current socio-political context.  This presentation was excellent, and I leave it feeling hopeful and engaged!

Julie Ann Moylan, MA. LPC, LADC

With such potency and ease, Jeffry connects, and engages with his audience.  He draws participants in with metaphors, stories, humor, and great case examples.  Jeffry’s enthusiasm for working with men is contagious!  As a women psychotherapist, I am glad to know that I can count on him as a resource regarding men with whom I work.  Jeffry’s presentations and content are organized, credible, and dynamic, I look forward to the next one.

Lisa Taylor, MSW., LICSWExpert Neurofeedback practitioner and Psychotherapist

Jeffry is a very effective communicator, and engages well with his audience.  His years of experience provide him with a depth of understanding and real compassion for those he is talking about.  Jeffry not only knows the topics he addresses regarding men, but also cares about the topics – a wonderful fusion of understanding and engagement.

Dennis CoyneAttorney