“I am a spiritual healing minister who has been in active healing practice for over half a century. I have met literally hundreds of healers and mental health care providers all over the world. Of all these people whom I have met, Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark clearly stands out as one of the finest Psychotherapists and healing guides I have ever known.

Jeffry displays the personal attributes of character that are necessary to assist clients in achieving several types of transformation. The most important qualities that he offers those clients who seek to achieve the grace of divine transformative empowerment are as follows:  1) Compassion and long-suffering   2) Tolerance and patience  3) Empathy and loving kindness  4) Unconditional love  5) Humility and selflessness  6) Positive, proactive attitude  7) Non-judgmental  8) Purity of motivation  9) Virtuous intention  10) Willingness to live in spiritual alignment  11) Willingness to submit to Divine direction  12) The desire to be consciously expansive  13) Zeal to contribute to the work of cosmic transformation  14) Maintaining a self-disciplined grace of altruism.”

Bill TorvundMetaphysician, Former Bishop in the Catholic Tradition, Author, Lecturer, Composer, and Spiritual Teacher

“I felt safe and I liked the meditation time. I was able to really get into my head and body. I learned about a lot of tools from Jeffry that I can use for honoring myself. I always left wanting more, the time flew by each time we met.”

JeannieFormer Client