“This is a topic that is rather new and comes as we know more and more about brain research. I found the demonstration particularly interesting and helpful in understanding the explanations of what Brainspotting is all about. Jeffry’s personable approach made it easy to see how he uses this therapy tool.  He was well prepared, and very engaging…an excellent presentation!”

Donna O., MA, LICSWPsychotherapist

“I found this training to be incredibly informative and inspiring.  Staff who attended have not stopped talking about how helpful they found it for themselves and potentially for their clients.  Now, several of us want to be trained in Brainspotting!  Jeffry is clearly passionate, knowledgeable and skilled, I so grateful she had the chance to learn from him!”

Erica Johnson, MA, LPCCEducation Training Director and Therapist

“Jeffry exuded calm, flexibility, and humor while staying on task and apparently effortlessly conveying extensive and complex material.  He has clearly done his personal work to be a relaxed, accessible, and competent presenter. This workshop was very well attended and quite interactive.  It had a good balance of lecture, and case examples, there were experiential exercises for all attendees. I personally encountered feelings of comfort, relief, and relaxation.  I could sense Jeffry’s openness and heart connection with the volunteer with whom he did a demonstration.  I felt extraordinarily relaxed and peaceful after the workshop. Jeffry’s talk left me full of new information and possibilities, intrigued and wanting to learn more about it—just how I want to feel after a good workshop.”

Kathie Bailey, MA, LICSWSenior Social Worker